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Equestrian, Homes and Commercial BuildingsWe specialize in custom-built projects for all your Home, Garage, Equestrian, Commercial, Residential and Specialty Projects.


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Cutom Home Construction KansasWe are excited to speak with you about your project needs.  Contact us at any time and we'll set an appointment to give you more information.

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Equestrian, Homes and Commercial BuildingsSee what we can do in our Image Gallery.  There you will find a large variety of building projects that are limited only by your imagination.


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We will work closely with you and your team to custom build a variety of buildings.  The only limiting factor is your imagination.  See us today and we'll get started on your dream project.

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Kansas Custom Home Builder

Drechsler Construction is one of the leading post frame construction builders in the Wichita, Kansas metro area. Drechsler Construction's buildings are trusted by commercial and residential customers for quality craftsmanship and excellent service.

All of our buildings are designed based on your specifications. Our high quality building materials, outstanding warranties and skilled craftsmanship of our builders have kept customers satisfied for over 16 years. Post frame construction is both dependable and economical and as one of the oldest building techniques, post frame construction has gained popularity for its strength, simplicity and cost. In addition, modern materials like pressure-treated poles, fasteners, and other building materials are developed to make pole construction even more durable.

Post frame construction provides more strength and structural integrity at a reasonable price. Equestrian, Homes, Garages and Commercial Buildings

Post Frame Structures buildings are easy to insulate to virtually any type of high R insulation value. A solid layer of insulation ensures high-energy efficiency standards for the lifespan of your building.

Long lasting and resilient, post frame buildings with their metal siding and interiors, do not need painting and are easy to clean. Equestrian, Homes, Garages and Commercial Buildings

Need a creative solution? Look no further! Drechsler Construction's building packages are flexible and can be customized to meet your needs. Examples of post frame buildings include agricultural, retail, commercial and public buildings.

We’re happy to connect you with satisfied customers from your area who can attest to ourEquestrian, Homes, Garages and Commercial Buildings commitment to true customer service. We value our customers and it shows.

Drechsler Construction is an authorized Wick dealer serving Butler, Greenwood and the surrounding counties in the State of Kansas. Contact Drechsler Construction at 316-640-1274 or send email to:

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